Saturday, November 19, 2016

Giveaway Notice

     We will be hosting 3 amazon giveaways starting on November 21st around (08:00MST).
They will run in succession, one each day and the links will be posted at this site as soon as they are live.  Subscribe to this site's email and you will be notified of the post, with the links to the giveaway.  There may be a delay on the notifications. We want our viewers to win these giveaways. If you do not win please share the links with your friends so that they may have a chance to win.
     We would really appreciate subscriptions to this site and our YouTube channel.
We like sharing our content but need your feedback in the comment section on YouTube. Comments will help us decide what content is more important to you.
     If you are shopping at amazon please consider using our link. It will not affect your pricing, but would help us to support this channel. I am sure you all are aware it does take funding to produce content and maintain this site for our subscribers. We appreciate your shopping through our link. Every little bit does help. Thank you, Andy & Dragon C.C.O.

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